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quietearth [Celluloid 01.18.08] movie news drama

While trading emails with Producer Reza Riazi (cool name eh?) at Redshell Entertainment regarding Shadowplay, he let me know about their next film which sounds quite good. It has a hint of Julian Po mixed with some film noir. It's directed by Anthony Fankhauser. We have a synopsis following, and there should be a teaser coming soon.

"Tsunami Beach Club follows an insurance adjuster as he gets swept up in a far-reaching conspiracy regarding a rash of barbaric, unexplained deaths in a small beach town, and an apparitional beach club that may or may not exist. The conflicted adjuster, Jorgensen, haunted by his own corrupt dealings in the past, becomes obsessed with the idea of finding this club and exposing the conspiracy even when everything and everyone around him begs him to look the other way. The film is his personal, tragic journey towards redemption."

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