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elliotspencer [Celluloid 11.19.07] post apocalyptic movie news horror

I feel giddy announcing this film. I am so excited for it. This movie just looks great. The story is good, and the footage I have seen looks great. There is something VERY unique about this film though. It is a non-profit film. Yeah... When it is complete you can download it from their website. Everyone that is part of the making of this film are volunteers. How interesting is that? Anyway, I can NOT wait to see the whole thing!

Tag Line: "When the experiment ended, no one came to let them out."

Plot Summary:
"After emerging from a well paid medical isolation experiment, seven young volunteers are thrown into a desperate struggle for their lives in a post apocalyptic world. Something has gone terribly wrong. But is this really a post-plague doomsday or could the experiment still be going on?"

Official Site: Link

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Anonymous (15 years ago) Reply

Only the Brits could conceive of something like that: a movie where everyone volunteers? Never in the US! It will be a good flick, too!


elliot spencer (15 years ago) Reply

I know. I am very excited about this!


dario (13 years ago) Reply

I want to see the human residue movie , how can I do?

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