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quietearth [Celluloid 11.12.07] news scifi webseries

From John Beck Hoffman, the director of photography for NASA's JPL comes a new scifi series which is being released at first on the net. The first 2 episodes are already online, and we have the trailer below, so check out this synopsis.

"The story is about a young artist from San Francisco named Daniel McCarthy, who volunteers for a brain mapping experiment at Berkeley University in November 1999. During the experiment, he has a vision of what he believes to be the future - whether that is the near future or distant future, he doesn't know. In fact, he doesn't really remember what he saw at all, he only has the random scribbles he jotted down on a piece of paper when the experiment was over. It is now that his quest begins and he must solve the mysterious puzzle of his own making. Now enter Isabelle Lorenz, a young graduate student from Berkeley who is invited to one of Daniel's art exhibits. The two are immediately drawn to each other. They both feel something larger than themselves pulling them together. Is it fate, or something else? Daniel begins to realize there is more to meeting Isabelle than random chance as he discovers that she was part of his some way...if he could only remember... But that is simply how it all starts. What comes next is full of very strange people and twisted events, political chaos and corporate takeovers, international conspiracies and traveling across the globe with an underground group of revolutionaries."

Series homepage:

Series on youtube:

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evan bohn (13 years ago) Reply

nice work booking kurylenko, but are you sure the material isn't too overt? ballsy approach to ugly subject matter, though. nice work.


Geri (12 years ago) Reply

John Beck is a Genius! Yes, I spotted it over 15 years ago.....(Empty Swing)

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