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quietearth [Celluloid 11.11.07] radio

Ahh yes, it's that time again, and this week we'll be having Alex Orr, the writer/director of one of my favorite movies of the year, Blood Car! That's right, hippies, blood powered cars, bb guns, and high priced gas all in one night! We'll also be putting up a review after the show, and the DVD is currently available, you can get it on Netflix and many other fine outlets.. If they don't have the movie, well, they got no taste. Seriously, check it.

"In the near future gas prices have reached astronomical highs nearing $40 a gallon. One man, Archie Andrews, an environmentalist elementary school teacher, is trying to discover an alternate fuel source. While experimenting with wheat grass, Archie accidentally stumbles upon a solution. That solution turns out to be blood. HUMAN BLOOD!"

We're on at 9:30PM ET, 6:30PM PT and you can call in to talk to us, or just listen to the archived show afterwards, including on itunes!

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