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quietearth [Celluloid 11.09.07] post apocalyptic news webseries

Starting on November 30th we're going to have yet another webisode series.. will it be free? That remains to be soon, but I hope so. They seem reluctant to respond to email (hint hint) so let's see if we can pressure them to drop some info before it starts! Here's what we have folks:

"Welcome to the wasteland. No, it's not what you think. This isn't your mommy's and daddy's post-apocalyptic 80's film with people in white spandex driving electric cars, or dune-bug hopping maniacle madmen dressed in S&M bondage gear. This is a filthy, raw, post-oil collapsed, bomb dropping, "... all hells broken loose so let's drop the nukes and kill 'em all!" webisode series.

This is the adventure of Lady Wasteland. A story rooted in the misfortune of individuals left to scour a vast wasteland in search of their own private destiny. Each character: a fragment, a survivor, a wanderer. In a god-forsaken landscape after the collapse of civilized society, we find a generation left for dead, fueled by revenge, apathy, absurdity, and the need to find a piece of food."


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