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quietearth [Celluloid 11.01.07] apocalyptic news book radio

Special thanks to author Ulises Silva who graciously allowed us to grill him for 45 minutes this past Sunday! Seriously, we didn't grill him but we talked about his novel Solstice, his background, and love of the post apocalyptic genre! It was alot of fun, but just to note, we had some minor technical difficulties in the beginning (there was a phone mute problem) so the first 30 seconds or so is us bumbling around, but the rest is pure gold!

Here's the direct link to listen or download:
Quiet Earth Radio 10/28

"Scribes have a gift. Whatever they write comes true. Misfortune. Theft. Even murder. Editors—covert specialists operating beyond the law—watch over them. Among the Editors, Io is the best, and the most ruthless. But on her way to her next assignment, something happens. Her phone rings—along with every other phone on the planet.

What would you do if you knew the world would end next week? A single phone call to the world’s population asks this question. The same message appears on walls, TV screens, even flesh. Confusion erupt into chaos. Violence spreads like wildfire. Io discovers a Scribe named Nadie sent the message. But the message is only the beginning."

For further details, including book trailer, check here.

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