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quietearth [Celluloid 11.01.07] radio

Yeah we moved from Tuesday, sorry I didn't put up an announcement. We have temporarily moved to Sunday nights. This will probably change again soon. Now for our show...

We have a special guest! This is the first time we are going to be having an author on our show, and that's Ulises Silva who wrote the recently released apocalyptic novel, Solstice! So tune in Sunday night at 9:30PM ET, 6:30PM PT, and listen live! You can even call in, but if you can't make it we're archived and on itunes.

"Scribes have a gift. Whatever they write comes true. Misfortune. Theft. Even murder. A group of editors, covert specialists operating beyond the law, watch over them. Among the editors, Io is the best, and the most ruthless. But on her way to her next assignment, something happens. Her phone rings, along with every other phone on the planet. What would you do if you knew the world would end next week?"

The book is currently on sale at amazon.

The first few chapters are also available online:

Publisher homepage:

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