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quietearth [Celluloid 11.01.07] post apocalyptic movie news

A brand new tale coming soon by writer/director Matthew Hope. I traded emails with him and he told me that the films that influenced this were The Omega Man, The Throne of Blood, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Wow, quite a configuration. He also said they are really trying to flip the genre on it's head and do something completely new. Well based on the synopsis folks, it certainly sounds like he's doing that.

"2015 - the world is in chaos - the last known oil fields have been vanquished, over-population has reached critical levels and mankind i about to become a thing of the past. Out of this apocalyptic nightmare, an entity known only as the Corporation devise a course of action to cull the human race and initialize a depopulation program. But in a list ditched attempt to save mankind, the scientists tasked with this act revolt and create a drug that reduces humans to a primitive ape-like state, known as Biosyns. Their sight reduced to virtual blindness, the Biosyns rely on scent and sound to survive.

But for Max, a young man cast adrift into the wilderness to live as a hunter-gatherer, the Biosyns are the enemy, and must be fought in order to preserve his very existence. Max has forged a life without human contact, and every day is a battle to stay alive. And then the Biosysns begin to evolve, learning first to communicate, then banding together, their vision slowly returning, and now they're coming for Max.

Unbeknownst to Max the Corporation has dispatched a group of genetically engineered soldiers, known as Trackers, to hung down and kill Max, fearing he may be the antidote to the drug. The Trackers were created at the end of the oil wars when most of Corporation's army was wiped out. The trackers are made up of Asians and convicts.

So when one of the Trackers finally locates Max, at the climax of a brutal fight with a group of Biosyns, Max's first instinct is to kill the Tracker. But something stops him, the Tracker is human. The Tracker reassess his original mission, and persuades Max that they must leave his world behind and head south. South is also where Zac and Rachael are heading, in the vain hope of reaching the Resistance which is said to exist there."

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Muzyyk (14 years ago) Reply

couldn't they make Pro Super Soldier Horror Movie, some, undead ubersoldat cyborgs? or some nazi mecha soldaten (spider like).
I'm looking for such films.
ooo , I would Forget.
you've written "to hung down and kill Max"
it was suposed to be Hunt? or first thet'll hung him by the balls then kill'im?;)


quietearth (14 years ago) Reply

Actually I didn't write that.. it's their synopsis. And we do have alot of films like that you're looking for.

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