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quietearth [Celluloid 10.12.07] post apocalyptic movie news

Another one that came out recently, this is a high energy Japanese flick, I wish I had it, although I have no idea what they're saying. At present this doesn't look like it's getting a subtitled or dubbed release for us.

"In the year 20XX, anarchy reigns over Tokyo after a devastating earthquake destroyed the city. Isolated from the rest of the country, the chaos-ridden city is ruled over by an autocratic governor (Izumiya Shigeru) who has forbidden all forms of entertainment including cinema. Timid movie lover Furuta (Wentz Eiji) and mischievous rocker Nitta (Nakao Akiyoshi), two peddling high school boys lost in the city's wasteland, gather forces and lead a youth rebellion against the governor."

Movie homepage (in Japanese):

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