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quietearth [Celluloid 10.11.07] post apocalyptic radio

I bet you're wondering why this is headlining on a Thursday. Well there's a simple answer for that. We have a very special guest, so we will be have a special timeslot. Have I said special enough yet? It's Kevin Wheatley aka "Tex Kennedy", the writer/director/star of the National Lampoon movie, Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell!! This movie is hittin limited theatrical release October 19th, but good news for me, I have a copy and will be watching it tonight! So interview tonight, review coming Friday night!

We will also be at a "special" time, that is 9PM ET, 6PM PT! So tune it! Or you can always listen to the archived show, we're on itunes, etc etc etc..

Special special special.



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