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quietearth [Celluloid 10.10.07] zombies movie review

Year: 2007
Director: Oliver Noble
Writers: Oliver Noble
IMDB entry: N/A
Trailer: link
Runtime: 20 minutes (including credits)
Review by: quietearth
Rating: 8 out of 10
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Key Characters:
Papa (Phillip Levine)
Mama (Alexandra Angeloch)
Sally (Sierra DeCrosta)
James (Adam Forrest)
John Liebowitz (Nate Earl)

Since this is only 20 minutes long, I'm gonna give you the straight synopsis from the website. Set in the Catskills and on the first night of Passover the residents of a remote Jewish bungalow colony are turned into flesh eating zombies by matzoh with a dark history. In the hunt for human flesh, the zombies descend on an unsuspecting gentile family in their quiet farmhouse.

"Oliver Noble"

The Story:
We start with Officer Bagansky pulling up to a bungalow and talking to his dispatcher, "sweet shorts" which is actually the Producer Valerie Fanarjian. She's got a really heavy New York accent, and if we didn't mention, this is upstate New York. Apparently there were some strange noises which the officer goes to investigate.

Once inside he stumbles upon an empty box of matzoh which he chucks behind him, and in the other room are Jews, Hasidic Jews. For those who don't know what a Hasidic Jew is they are a very strict sect of Judaism which has certain sartorial requirements. But not only are they Hasidic, they look dead! Did the matzoh do this?!?!

The Rating:
I just received this today, and I watched it 3 times, yeah that's a THREE baby. All you have to do is watch the trailer and you know this is going to be something special, up there with any great comedy. From the beginning, there were crude Jewish references, from the "vision" of a stereotypical Jew looking at a Gentile. It just grew worse from there, but seriously, the JDL didn't threaten any legal action (or firebombing) and it was hilarious. Oliver will definitely be a success, let's hope he makes more genre films and doesn't sell out, oh wait, he said he was looking to sell out as quick as possible. Dang, ok well enjoy it while it lasts! And for those who don't know Jewish culture, you better brush up on your Yiddish or you're going to miss half the fun.

In case you missed it, you can listen to our interview with Oliver Noble and the Executive Producer John Bongiorno here.

8 out of 10 stars of David! Wooohoo!

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