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quietearth [Celluloid 08.23.07] post apocalyptic news animation

Oh snap, thanks to Bob for this sweet find. This is kind of a cgi animation against more stationary backgrounds, and it's a series. There are currently 30 episodes online, with 130 episodes planned for season one and it looks amazing, so go watch em! (All flash based)

Here's the digs:
"Afterworld is about life on Earth after an inexplicable global event renders technology useless and 99.9% of the population missing.

The story follows the adventures of a businessman, Russell Shoemaker, who wakes up in New York after this event thinking he is the only man left alive, and is compelled to walk to Seattle in the faint hope that his wife and child have survived.

Russel's own harrowing journey, from technological dependence to total self-reliance, mirrors the world he discovers along the way, where other survivors are rebuilding society in strange and surprising ways. Piecing together the complex mystery of what caused the global event, Russell eventually paves the way for the bold new future of mankind."

Afterworld website:

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fishboy (12 years ago) Reply

afterworld is awesome - if you hunt around you can find all 130 episodes.
the only way to describe it i can think of is a book you watch.
there is a promise of another season which i have been waiting for some time for.
as the story did not conclude in the first series i am dying to have some questions answered.
there is also a long promised dvd of it which STILL hasnt arrived.
i would be happy to buy it even in region one.
make no mistake peeps if you like p.a stories this is a underated and hidden gem

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