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quietearth [Cathode Ray Mission 04.12.07] Tuvalu post apocalyptic

Spoiler alert: Below is info on tonight's showing of Jericho, so if you haven't watched it yet, you might not want to read it. You can watch full episodes online at

So finally we get the digs on Hawkins, but the whole first half I was thinking, is he really telling the truth? It sounded too ambiguous, but at the end, when he showed him the nuke, I was convinced he was who he said he was. It's nice to know there not going to put him in some militia because that's where I was guessing the show is going. So 4 episodes left for this season, let's hope theres enough viewers to keep the show going, because there's still alot more post apocalyptic ground to cover. Let us know your thoughts on tonights show!

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Dogmeat (15 years ago) Reply

"You can watch full episodes online at..."
That is unless you're outside of the US, grr.

Glad to see some more solid story line developing rather than the soap opera crap that's been going on.


quietearth (15 years ago) Reply

It was a good storyline, very convincing, maybe too convincing...


Grace (15 years ago) Reply

Praying for another year or two of JERICHO!
LOVE Gerald McRaney and Skeet Ulrich.
GREAT SHOW!! NEVER miss it!!
Please CBS, renew this show!

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