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quietearth [Celluloid 09.11.06] post apocalyptic

Word is Terminator 4 is ramping up for production, and no it will not have Schwarzenegger in it. From the Yahoo Movies page:

"The 80-page treatment that currently exists for this movie takes place farther in the future as humanity is waging their war against the robots. John Connor will be the star, and beyond that... not much is known."

Since the amazing ending of T3 (which is my favorite of the series) I've been really looking forward to this post apocalpytic future. Here's hoping they do it right..

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Badbartimus (15 years ago) Reply

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought T3 was the best of the series. It stands as my favorite.


cary whitener (15 years ago) Reply

Hey there 3 was the best missed linda but can,t wait until 4 comes out do you know can you let me know my ten yr old son can,t get enough thanks alot.


Sandra (15 years ago) Reply

i think that Arnold Schwarzenegger will do perfectly in "T4". I wish that Edward Furlong could be there as John Connor.

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