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John Connor [Celluloid 10.18.22] scifi action thriller adventure

Take an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the creative process of James Cameron’s upcoming mega sequel in The Art of Avatar: The Way of Water, available for order now.

Packed with hundreds of stunning images and written in collaboration with the filmmakers themselves, uncover the incredible creative and technical skill that went into the making of Avatar:... [Continue reading]

John Connor [Cathode Ray Mission 10.18.22] cyberpunk scifi cult thriller

In the seventh season of the X-Files cyberpunk author William Gibson wrote a virtual reality episode called First Person Shooter. It was co-written by Tom Maddox, and was directed by series' creator Chris Carter. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 10.13.22] cyberpunk scifi action cult thriller adventure dystopic

A second trailer has dropped for Amazon Prime's The Peripheral, which adapts William Gibson's original novel. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 10.11.22] scifi horror action thriller adventure

Get ready to see Jack Deth like you've never seen him before, as Full Moon proudly presents director Charles Band's cult 1985 sci-fi action classic TRANCERS for the first time in glorious 4K, a sumptuous scan from the original camera negative! Welcome to Angel City, 2247. [Continue reading (1 comment)]

John Connor [Celluloid 10.07.22] scifi horror thriller

Neil Marshall returns to the world of creature features with his bloody new film The Lair! Here's the trailer. [Continue reading (2 comments)]

John Connor [Celluloid 09.29.22] horror action comedy cult thriller Exploitation adventure

Mad Heidi is an action-adventure-comedy-horror parody of the much-loved children's storybook character Heidi. Now all grown up, Heidi is just a girl from the Alps in an alternative Switzerland that has fallen under fascist rule. Little does she know that her yearning for personal freedom will be the spark that ignites a revolution. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 09.27.22] book horror

Explore 80 classic and modern recipes inspired by Stephen King’s Maine, featuring dishes from the books set in Castle Rock, Derry, and other fictional towns—with a foreword from the legendary author himself. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 09.27.22] post apocalyptic zombies apocalyptic scifi horror action thriller adventure dystopic

Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood visits 1969 Los Angeles, where everything is changing, as TV star Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his longtime stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) make their way around an industry they hardly recognize anymore. The ninth film from the writer-director features a large ensemble cast and multiple storylines... [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 09.27.22] horror

Paramount Home Media Distribution has officially announced that it will release on Blu-ray Paranormal Activity: The Ultimate Chills Collection. The nine-disc box set will be available for purchase on October 11. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 09.26.22] post apocalyptic zombies scifi horror action adventure dystopic

HBO have released a teaser trailer for their upcoming The Last of Us adaption series created and written by Craig Mazin (Chernobyl). [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 09.23.22] scifi horror action comedy thriller adventure

Jason Eisener (Hobo with a Shotgun, V/H/S/2) is back with the horror/sci-fi movie Kids vs. Aliens, which will have its World Premiere today at the ongoing Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. [Continue reading (1 comment)]

John Connor [Celluloid 09.22.22] horror

While vacationing at a remote cabin, a young girl and her parents are taken hostage by four armed strangers who demand that the family make an unthinkable choice to avert the apocalypse. With limited access to the outside world, the family must decide what they believe before all is lost. [Continue reading (1 comment)]

John Connor [Celluloid 09.20.22] scifi horror action thriller adventure

"They're here." At first, the ghosts haunting the Freelings' new home seem playful, rearranging furniture and interfering with their TV reception. Then, little Carol Anne (Heather O'Rourke) is abducted into their netherworld, and her parents (Craig T. Nelson, JoBeth Williams) fear they may have lost their child to specters with more malevolent intentions. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 09.15.22] horror

The next film in the popular VHS anthology series, V/H/S/99, is coming exclusively to Shudder on October 20, 2022. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 09.15.22] cyberpunk scifi dystopic

Amazon has ordered a live-action Blade Runner series called “Blade Runner 2099" according to a scoop by variety. [Continue reading (4 comments)]

John Connor [Celluloid 09.14.22] horror

Controversial and visionary creator Lars von Trier is returning to his groundbreaking Danish television series for one last season, in which the Kingdom Hospital is once again the site of strange, supernatural events. And a "trailer" has appeared on the TIFF Youtube channel - although it seems more like an opening credits sequence. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 09.13.22] scifi

This coming of age film about filmmaking and a love of Star Wars was written and directed by Patrick Read Johnson (Spaced Invaders). [Continue reading (1 comment)]

Carlos Prime [Celluloid 09.13.22] scifi

The latest from Stéphane Lafleur (Tu dors Nicole) balances absurdist humour with poignant reflection on the human condition as it follows the subjects of behavioural research — and the astronauts they mirror — in advance of the first manned mission to Mars. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 09.09.22] horror thriller

Lucky Mckee is most known for being brave enough to adapt Jack Ketchum's splatterpunk novels including The Woman, Offspring and The Girl Next Door. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Cathode Ray Mission 09.09.22] action thriller mystery noir crime

From the director of Drive and The Neon Demon comes a new series called Copenhagen Cowboy - a thrill-inducing, neon-drenched noir series set across six episodes which follows enigmatic young heroine, Miu. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Cathode Ray Mission 09.08.22] scifi thriller

we FINALLY get a trailer for Amazon Prime's adaptation of William Gibson's epic cyberpunk novel THE PERIPHERAL. The series includes episodes directed by Vincenzo Natali (of Cube, Cypher, Splice, Haunter) as well as Alrick Riley and is executive produced by Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy, Scott Smith, Athena Wickham, Steve Hoban, Vincenzo Natali, and Greg Plageman. [Continue reading (3 comments)]

John Connor [Celluloid 08.31.22] horror

Winnie The Pooh is now public domain so Rhys Frake-Waterfield made a deranged slasher based on the property. The movie follows Pooh and Piglet as they go on a rampage after Christopher Robin abandons them. [Continue reading (1 comment)]

John Connor [Celluloid 08.26.22] scifi action thriller fantasy adventure

After a decade of false starts, the director of Solomon Kane and Silent Hill Revelation is actually filming a Red Sonja film right now in Romania with the backing of Millennium Entertainment who produced Marcus Nispel's Conan with Jason Mamoa. [Continue reading]

John Connor [DVD News 08.25.22] zombies horror podcast

Scream Factory has detailed its upcoming 4K Blu-ray release of Dan O'Bannon's cult film The Return of the Living Dead (1985), starring Clu Gulager, James Karen, Don Calfa, Thom Mathews, and Beverly Randolph. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 08.25.22] post apocalyptic cult

Based on the acclaimed novel "White Noise" by Don DeLillo in which an industrial accident unleashes an "airborne toxic event" and a lethal black chemical cloud floats over the lives of a contemporary American family, White Noise comes from Noah Baumbach. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 08.24.22] horror action cult thriller adventure

Scream Factory has detailed its upcoming 4K Blu-ray release of Sam Raimi's Army of Darkness 4K (1992), starring Bruce Campbell, Embeth Davidtz, Marcus Gilbert, Ian Abercrombie, and Richard Grove. The release will be available for purchase on October 4. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 08.24.22] horror

Ana Lily Amirpour's new film, Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon, starring Jeon Jong-seo & Kate Hudson, has released a trailer today. Amirpour's last film was the P dystopian film The Bad Batch. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 08.23.22] scifi action thriller adventure dystopic

Paramount Home Media Distribution will celebrate the 35th anniversary of Paul Michael Glaser's film The Running Man (1987) with a brand new Limited Edition 4K Blu-ray SteelBook Edition of the film, which will be available for purchase on November 8th. [Continue reading]

John Connor [DVD News 08.15.22] horror

RLJE Films, in association with Shudder, has detailed its upcoming Blu-ray release of George A. Romero's The Amusement Park (1975), starring Lincoln Maazel, Harry Albacker, Phyllis Casterwiler, Pete Chovan, and Marion Cook. The release will be available for purchase on September 13. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 08.10.22] scifi horror

Controversial and visionary creator Lars von Trier is returning to his groundbreaking Danish television series for one last season, in which the Kingdom Hospital is once again the site of strange, supernatural events. [Continue reading (1 comment)]

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