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John Connor [Celluloid 07.22.19] horror

Director Zack Snyder (Dawn of the Dead) is off shooting his next flick, a zombie thriller called Army of the Dead and he's released the first look at his cast all suited up including Dave Bautista, Garret Dillahunt, Ella Purnell, Omari Hardwick, Raul Castillo, Chris D’Elia, Theo Rossi, and Ana de la Reguera. [Continue reading (1 comment)]

quietearth [Celluloid 07.21.19] thriller

This film's got a lot of buzz and we're not exactly sure why yet. It's directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer who really doesn't have any claim to fame, and is based on a book by Brian DeLeeuw. This teaser just premiered at the San Diego Comic Con, and while we don't have much more, it does look promising. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 07.19.19] horror cult slasher thriller drama

With her Oscar-winning turn in Klute, Jane Fonda arrived full-fledged as a new kind of movie star. Bringing nervy audacity and counterculture style to the role of Bree Daniels—a call girl and aspiring actor who becomes the focal point of a missing-person investigation when detective John Klute (Donald Sutherland) turns up at her door—Fonda made the film he... [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 07.19.19] post apocalyptic scifi thriller

Set more than seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, TBS's upcoming Snowpiercer series centers on the remnants of humanity, who inhabit a gigantic, perpetually-moving train that circles the globe. [Continue reading (1 comment)]

Marina Antunes [Film Festival 07.17.19]

While some may not recognise the little town of North Bend, Washington, "Twin Peaks" superfans will certainly recognize the town as the original shooting location of the cult show. It's not the first place you'd think of as a "go-to" location for a genre film festival but that's exactly what this town will turn into from August 15 to 18, 2019. [Continue reading]

Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.17.19] scifi thriller fantasy

Alice Waddington directs Paradise Hills, a decidedly original looking take on an age old dystopian story. And while this feels sa harmless as a YA novel brought to life, it's hard to not be dazzled by how it's all brought to life in a way we haven't seen before. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 07.17.19] scifi horror action thriller steampunk adventure dieselpunk

Frank Spotnitz is developing a TV series based on Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 universe! Spotnitz is the creator of The Man In The High Castle which runs on Amazon Prime. [Continue reading (2 comments)]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.16.19] Argentina drama

It opens like a dreamy "kids surviving in the wild" movie but pretty quickly, Alejandro Landes' Monos takes a turn into unexpected territory. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.16.19] action thriller

Making its world premiere at Fantasia is Malik Bader's new feature Killerman. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 07.15.19] scifi horror

Sounds like Doom: Annihilation will hit home video on October 1, 2019. [Continue reading (1 comment)]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.15.19] horror

Horror anthologies have become quite popular over the years and though the last one of note is now a few years old (Tales of Halloween), it looks like the concept is still alive and kicking. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.15.19] scifi

Writer/director Lorcan Finnegan's sophomore effort Vivarium garnered quite a bit of buzz at its Cannes Critic's Week premiere and now the film that impressed critics and audiences alike will be seen by North American audiences care of Saban Films which has picked up US rights to the sci-fi thriller. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.15.19] thriller

It's very likely that at some point in your life, you've worked a job you didn't like or perhaps even downright hated. Most of us endure until we can get out or are forced out but sometimes, things get ugly. The latter seems to be the case in Burn. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Film Festival 07.15.19]

The 2019 edition of the Fantasia International Film Festival kicked off in Montreal on July 11 and until August 1, the city will play home to a wide assortment of films; from festival favourites to new discoveries which are likely to burn up the genre festival circuit for the remainder of the year. [Continue reading]

Simon Read [Film Festival 07.15.19] drama mystery

Directed by Stacie Passon, written by Mark Kruger, the film falls somewhere between a thriller and a comedy with a cool sense of irony lingering over events. Following a scandal involving the poisoning of their parents, sisters Merricat (Taissa Farmiga) and Constance (Alexandra Daddario) live with their Uncle Julian (Crispin Glover) in their secluded estate. Cut off... [Continue reading]

Simon Read [Film Festival 07.14.19] fantasy mystery

Films like The Vast of Night are the reason I do this gig. Every so often you discover a film that genuinely takes you somewhere new, a film in which all the components click perfectly into place and about which you wouldn't change a frame. From its opening scene, an unbroken tracking shot gliding around a busy high school gym and out into the town beyond, following... [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 07.11.19] scifi horror

Premiering July 19 on Amazon Prime, the final trailer has dropped for the 8-part sci-fi/horror anthology series thanks to Collider who got the exclusive. [Continue reading]

John Connor [DVD News 07.09.19] scifi horror action thriller adventure

Based on the terrifying novel by highly-acclaimed author Stephen King... After the Creed family relocates from Boston to rural Maine, they soon discover an ancient burial ground hidden deep in the woods near their new home. [Continue reading]

Simon Read [Film Festival 07.09.19] thriller

We're introduced to Wendy as she's running late for her morning briefing and receives a stern telling-off from her boss. Determined to prove herself, she accepts the job of walking the rough trail and securing warning signs for hikers. Her colleagues scoff at this, certain that she is too inexperienced for such a task. When she discovers a dead body deep in the wood... [Continue reading]

Simon Read [Celluloid 07.06.19] horror

The film ploughs a fairly well-worn furrow, that of the innocent caught between religion and reason. Mara is emotionally blackmailed into marrying a local believer named Garret (Lewis Pullman), a 'good man' whose intentions seem noble, but mask deep insecurities. She tries to forget Augie, but finds herself returning to him in secret. Her father discovers this betraya... [Continue reading]

Simon Read [Celluloid 07.05.19] horror

The Wind has been favourably compared to The Witch and The Babadook, which is understandable given its tone and subject matter, although the film never quite feels as polished or effective as those films. Creepy imagery and occasional jump-scares abound, but the story often feels uneven, and despite its short running time, repetitive. It's a slow-burn piece with some ... [Continue reading]

Simon Read [Film Festival 07.03.19] "drama" "mystery"

If there's one thing which works superbly well in Gwen it's the location. Snowdonia itself is a character in the film, its harsh, misty, mountainous terrain reflecting the hardship faced by this little family - McGregor's camera really feels as though it captures the essence of this place and time. [Continue reading]

Simon Read [Film Festival 07.03.19] Canada thriller

Melissa lives next-door to the world's sweetest old couple (Brian Cox and Blythe Danner) and, with their help, she prepares for the birth in her tiny cottage with the absolute conviction that the father is her long-departed ex. The brother, Philip (Nick Robinson), is recovering from a broken leg at home with his now divorced mother Charlene (Amy Ryan), as dad, Richa... [Continue reading]

Simon Read [Film Festival 07.02.19] United Kingdom thriller drama vampires

The story, a Gothic horror based on the 1872 novella by Sheridan Le Fanu, concerns a lonely teenage girl named Lara (Hannah Rae), who shares a country estate with her father and her cruel governess, Miss Fontaine (Jessica Raine - The Woman in Black). When we are introduced to Lara, she is having her left hand bound behind her back to encourage her to use her right -... [Continue reading]

Simon Read [Celluloid 07.01.19] Germany post apocalyptic zombies apocalyptic horror thriller

A quick check of the RT score vs the IMDb rating and it seems Ever After might be one of those films that critics love but audiences don't. It is ambitious and inventive and it contains good performances, but it is also meandering and ambiguous. It is a film that is not afraid of having its characters spend twenty minutes talking quietly on a broken down train, or rum... [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 06.26.19] thriller crime

Global Digital Releasing has acquired the indie crime thriller No Blood of Mine from director Wesley Ellenwood. The film’s wide Digital release has been set for this Friday, June 28, 2019. [Continue reading]

John Connor [DVD News 06.25.19] cyberpunk scifi horror action cult thriller war

A year before their jaw-dropper Shocking Dark, director Bruno Mattei (Violence in a Women's Prison) and co-writers Claudio Fragasso & Rossella Drudi (ZOMBIE 4) first collaborated on the brain-melting mash-up of Predator, Robocop and a Philippines war movie that is... Robowar! [Continue reading]

Simon Read [Celluloid 06.25.19] horror

In The Woman, McIntosh's eponymous cannibal was captured by an all-American family and chained up in their barn. It didn't end well for them. Now, it's eight years later, and we find McIntosh and her teenage 'sister' Darlin' (Lauryn Canny) visiting a Catholic hospital, where Darlin' is drugged by a panicking doctor after they become separated. She's held for observa... [Continue reading (1 comment)]

John Connor [Celluloid 06.25.19] post apocalyptic apocalyptic scifi horror thriller video game

StoryFix Media have finally released the apocalyptic choose-your-own adventure story THE PULSE for Android devices. The game can be downloaded now on Google Play. [Continue reading]

Simon Read [Celluloid 06.24.19] Australia horror

Kayla (Airlie Dodds) wakes up in a box in a forest and meets two other women who have found themselves in the same situation, and together they figure out a plan for survival. It's such a well-worn trope that you'd be forgiven for the assumption that Furies will turn out like any other slasher-in-the-woods genre flick, but writer-director Tony D'Aquino has a few surpr... [Continue reading]

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